Home Sweet Home lyrics

Original lyrics and music by Cortney Matz 2019

Walking up this mountain
Can’t stop thinking about us
Not knowing where we’re going
Or what happens at the top

Maybe there’ll be safety
Maybe sanity – maybe not
All I seem to know now
Is I can’t get there by myself

Home sweet home
No one knows

Running through this fountain
Fount of blessing, fount of rain
Love all woven through the
Heights of happiness, depths of pain

Home sweet home
No one knows
Home sweet home
No one knows

Falling from this landing
Lost my footing, broke away
I can’t explain how much this feels like breaking through
As I say hello to you
From the ground up
Let’s start over

Home sweet home
No one knows

Swimming in this ocean
Depths of treasure I never knew
Nowhere near the bottom
And I can’t get there without you

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