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A cozy, acoustic piano ramble through ideas of “home” – love, loss, freedom, baggage, and potential. Home is so much more about the moments we remember and the people we share them with, than any town or building. And it pretty much always involves music!

These five songs have been the soundtrack to my daily life, relationships and spiritual experiences. As I have performed them for live audiences and shared them with my beloved patrons every month, I find they resonate with your lives too. So I recorded them!

1. Solitary Road (lyrics)
Original song by Cortney Matz 2019

Maybe one of the more poignant ideas of home is the one we set out to make for ourselves. After 20 years investing in my suburban Virginia community, I answered the call to roam. I’ve waved goodbye to friends and family who’ve left and I’ve been the one doing the leaving. It’s always a little lonely, but “step by step, mile by mile,” I’m finding my way.

2. Ben’s Song (lyrics)
Original song by Cortney Matz 2019

As of this release, Ben’s Song is ten years old. I wrote it for my brother Ben, when he was considering next steps for his career path. The words, “You’ve got a future out there somewhere, and you’ve gotta go find it,” sort of spilled out as I was thinking about him, and before I knew it this I-believe-in-you anthem was written just for him. Ben has settled into his path since then, and now I sing this to myself and my fellow indiepreneurs as we chase our dreams.

3. Together (lyrics)
Original song by Cortney Matz 2019

Ah, love. It doesn’t always go both ways. Anyone who has felt the sting of an unrequited attraction knows that what I think is not always enough. Togetherness is a two-party commitment. And so we write songs, haha.

4. Home Sweet Home (lyrics)
Original song by Cortney Matz 2019

Strangely, I wrote the first verse of this heavily metaphorical song before I knew what it was about. When I got to the chorus, all I had was three long notes with no words… can you imagine how frustrating? Intriguing setup, no payoff. Eventually “Home sweet home/No one knows” came to me. Which I love. Any way you look at it, long-term entanglements with other humans is fraught with uncertainty and risk. Whether it’s the home you’re born into or the home you create with a partner, or the home you’re adopted into as you collect friends and lovers along the course of your destiny… no one really knows how that will turn out. But it’s a life-long adventure of epic proportions. And you can’t embark on it alone.

5. The Possibilities (lyrics)
Original song by Cortney Matz and Leslie Carol

This is a song about collaboration. When I perform it live, I frequently invite listeners to join in with their own harmonies, melodies, or spoken words. There’s a lot of space for improvisation and spontaneity. In the same way, I live in step with Someone bigger than me, who sees so many more opportunities than my tiny collection of experiences can let me imagine. Even with all the unknowns, I’m not shaken. Even with a realistic observation of my limitations and the limits of the world in which I live… oh, the possibilities.

HOME copyright Cortney Matz 2019
piano/vocal/cover design by Cortney Matz
“The Possibilities” engineering by Noel Molenda
location by Epiphany Space

I’m not shaken.