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Ben’s Song

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Ben Song original music by Cortney Matz
You got a future out there, somewhere

Written for my brother several years ago… can it be 2010? After a rare lunch with my bro, in which we talked about life and the future, and how it feels to be in between – knowing you are not long for the job you’re in, but unsure of which path leads to the future you’re best suited to.

I still remember driving one day, noodling on this predicament, and the one line that popped into my head:

“You got a future out there somewhere, and you gotta go find it”

Grabbing a pack of sticky notes from the glove box, I scribbled the line while pulling over. Another line followed, and then another. The chorus was written.

I recorded a very tinny version on my ancient 4-track recorder that had been a Christmas gift before Y2K was even invented. For his birthday that year, I gave Ben a mixed CD of some of our favorite songs growing up – plus a bonus track. I titled it, “Songs to Write Business Plans To.”

By that time, Ben had formed a business with two friends and was preparing to launch a microbrewery in Washington, DC.

Shortly after my 2013 move to Los Angeles, I was playing through some of my old songs and came to this one. I was so moved by my own belief in my little brother, and I thought: I need to hear this for myself!

So now I sing it to all of us who are pursuing our future lives, selves, and careers. But it will always be Ben’s Song.

Here’s a sample:

Track: Ben’s Song

piano/vocal/cover design by Cortney Matz
location by Epiphany Space

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