Creative Coaching

“You helped bring clarity to my situation and made it seem less chaotic. I have a better idea of which next steps to take and how I can bring my dreams and goals to fruition.”
— Molly Matthews 

Cortney Matz songwriting workshop
finish your song in this 90-minute workshop

Song Finisher workshop

Finish your song! A hands-on workshop for musicians and non-musicians alike, we will take our existing song ideas and complete them. Tickets: $20

MONDAY, MAY 4 | sold out

WEDNESDAY, MAY 6 | 2pm PDT via Zoom

SATURDAY, MAY 9 | sold out

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As a professional writer and musician, I have navigated my own challenges with productivity, shifting gears from day job to side passion, and the big leap from full time employment to independent creative work. Coaching has been invaluable for me through the inevitable personal growth that is needed in these major lifestyle adjustments!

Between the demands of paying bills, forming collaborative relationships, and that tricksy muse, I understand what a job it can be to move any project forward. As a coach, I now get to work alongside fellow creative professionals and artistpreneurs in a creative coworking space and help troubleshoot that process.

Coaching takes several forms, from meeting one-on-one to group studies or corporate days away. If you or your team could use a fresh perspective on your creative goals – or even just a sounding board for frustrations –  reach out for a free consultation.

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“I feel motivated. You helped me clarify what I am passionate about and interested in pursing further. Especially key words related to writing topics and potential crossover in interest.”
— Maylin Tu

“Working through some of my stuff blew the dust off of some old plans. Creativity doesn’t always happen in a vacuum, and definitely meeting up with you gave me some new ideas… as well as got me out of my creative funk!”
— J.P. Glenn

“I feel like I had a head full of ideas that felt much like a giant cobweb, and now it feels more focused and tangible. It was good to just say my goals out loud, and voice them, and have a sounding board that was encouraging and lovely!”
— Melinda Grace